Welcome Specialists

The Perth Specialist Centre is a Multi-Specialty Centre offering a range of specialty services all under one roof. We started in 2014, and this tech savvy Centre has dedicated 12 consultation rooms and a surgical/treatment room.

We provide with complete infrastructure and facilities including staff, medical equipment and billing. Thus it makes doctors to concentrate only on treating their patients.

This is a great place for growing health care services... where you could concentrate only about treating patients

No start up cost

Such as leasing, designing fit out, sourcing fit out personnel, sourcing IT equipment, sourcing & legal advice which may cost between 250k to 500k.

Pay a fixed session fee

And let us take care of the rest e.g. interviewing, recruiting, training trustworthy staff, as well as cover for holidays, and also full time employee to receive calls even if working one or two sessions per week.

Fixed cost

All outgoing costs are taken care of e.g. accounting, banking, wages superannuation, stationery and printing, postage, advertisement, cleaning, security, telephones, office & secretarial, internet, electricity, etc.